Which is the best pool table? The best Pool Table is the one that is perfect for you. Here’s how to find out:

1. Fit. What size pool table will fit in your space?

The 4′ x 8′  pool table is by far the most popular size table for the home and the standard cue length is 58″.  Below is a handy chart  to help you determine  the best size for your table or the location in your home. Other things you may want to consider:  1) Placement of other furniture in the room; 2) Traffic patterns in the room or from one room to another; 3) Lighting.






Which tables come in what sizes?

Brunswick Billiards Tables by Size and Price

2. Learn. Here’s what to research.

    1. The manufacturer.
    2. The materials.
    3. The warranty. If you only have a little time, this is the area to concentrate on.
    4. We also recommend not spending a lot of time looking on the internet reading forums and “Best of” Reviews. Often these reviews and comments are not the independent, unbiased expert opinions that they appear to be. You will see that you can easily find conflicting reviews on nearly every pool table out there. Choose wisely.Brunswick Billiards Warranty
      Olhausen Billiards Warranty
      Why Buy An Olhausen Billiards Pool Table
      Why Buy a Brunswick Billiards Pool Table

3. The company. Know who you are doing business with.

  1. We recommend local. Not only for all of the community benefits, but also because we highly recommend playing on the table, if possible (see #4)
  2.  We recommend a retailer who is experienced with billiards and proven to be worthy of your trust.
  3. We recommend a retailer who is knowledgable and focused on helping you choose the best table for you, not just making the sale.
  4.  spoiler: That’s us! But, judge for yourself.

Why Buy Local
Buying Local is not a new fad born on social media, it’s actually an “old school” concept with new meaning. Buying local benefits everyone in our community.  By making a conscious decisions to support local merchants, food growers and service providers, we are strengthening our  local economy and empowering our city, our neighbors and our selves to grow and thrive. 
Learn 7 Reasons to Shop Local

About Us

Skillful Home Recreation prides itself on selecting the best-in-class products for our customers. Learn Why Skillful Home Recreation has chosen Olhausen and Brunswick, year after year, for over 40 years.

We consider ourselves Fun Connoisseurs. We believe passionately that life is best when you can relax and have some fun, and that the world would be a better place if more people did just that. We believe in having a good time while we do what we love – and we love helping people have more fun, relax and rejuvenate in the comfort and privacy of their home, and re-connect with friends, family and themselves.

When it comes to serving our customers, however, we are dead serious about delivering exceptional, personalized customer service and we aim to exceed your expectations in every way. Period.

In 2020 we have all become even more aware of the vital importance of Fun and Relaxation in our lives. We believe that your home can be a Haven – A place where you and your family come together, relax, have some fun, laugh and enjoy life.  We’ve been helping folks like you do just that for over 40 years and we would love the chance to do the same for you. In this unprecedented time, how important is that to you?

4. First-hand Experience. Play on the table.
Nothing substitutes for first-hand experience. You’ve learned about what others say, now we recommend that you come in for a Test Game. We always have a great table available for play. Make an appointment. Spend 45 minutes or more playing on the pool table. We’ll set you up with quality pool balls and cues (or bring your own). If you are a beginner, we can show you what to look for in order to get a good sense of how the table plays. If you are an advanced player, we will leave you in peace to enjoy the experience. We promise a truly no-pressure, friendly and informative experience.

5. Aesthetics and Design. How the pool table looks matters.
 A pool table becomes an important part of your home, no matter which room it is in.  A pool table can be a destination, a centerpiece, and the star of your game room. Memories will be made here. It will be the setting for many family and friend photographs. How the pool table looks matters.  Perhaps  you have a memory of a pool table you played on as a child. Perhaps you want your pool table to match your furniture and decor or stand out as an accent piece. Or maybe you want something that sets a tone for the feeling of being away at camp or on vacation. We recommend that you take the time to explore the many different styles, materials, finishes and details to choose from and find the perfect style for you.

Both Olhausen and Brunswick Billiards make heirloom quality pool tables, made to last a lifetime. Choose carefully with that in mind. We can help with that.

6. Value. Is the price in line with the quality?
Price and value are two different things.  A deal isn’t a deal if the quality is not in the equation. At this point you have done your research, played a test game, learned about the quality of the table you are considering. Is the price in line with the quality?

Both Olhausen and Brunswick Billiards offer high-quality, high-value pool tables starting in the low moderate and going to the high price range. As part of our promise for a truly friendly, no-pressure and informative experience, is that we will give you our best price without any nonsense. We recommend that if you find your perfect table and love it, but it costs more than what you planned, consider saving for the table you love rather than settle.  Sure, look at a similar, but less expensive models, and maybe you will love that table as much, but ultimately, get the table you love.

7. The Joy Factor.
This is perhaps our most important criteria. We believe that you should love the pool table you buy. After all the measuring, imagining, research, testing, comparing and choosing….Do you love it? Are you excited to have this pool table in your home?  If the answer is “yes!”, congratulations, you have found your perfect pool table.