• Badminton and Assorted Games

    Badminton and Assorted Games

    We carry a fantastic Badminton set that folds up into its own travel case so you can use it at home or take it to the park, beach or anyone’s house to play (hopefully you know them before you show up and start playing Badminton). This set includes four rackets and two shuttles. We also have footballs, frisbees and are always expanding our outdoor game selection.

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  • Horseshoes


    Horseshoes is the perfect backyard game. Easily packed up and ready to travel, our horseshoe sets contain four horse shoes and stakes in a convenient travel bag.

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  • Bocce


    Everyone’s favorite lawn game, Skillful has Bocce in a convenient travel bag so you can take it anywhere you want.

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  • Croquet


    Another outdoor product Made in Maine, these North Meadow croquet sets are stylish and built to last. Available in many styles and 4 or 6 player sets, and even a kids version! Our croquet sets are made with northern hardwoods and we can even have them engraved with your name. All sets includes mallets, balls, wickets, goal stakes, a travel bag and instructions. We also carry a Croquet Caddy that holds a full 6 player set to easily wheel your set around.

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  • Cornhole


    We have these cornhole (or bag toss) games made right here in Maine for us. Sturdy, easy to move around and beautiful, these are a great way to make your yard or camping trip more fun. All-weather red and black bags match the red and black rings on the boards. Make your next BBQ a little more competitive with this classic bag toss game.

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