• Lots More Games!

    Lots More Games!

    Skillful has many more board and dice games available. Come on in to see the fun selection including: Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx, Bowling Zombies, Anti-Monopoly, Backgammon, Ninja versus Ninja, 10 Days in the USA, Bunco, Liar’s Dice, Set, Five Crowns, Gobblet, PayDay, Yahtzee, Canasta, Rook and LCR.

  • Chess

    Drueke wooden chess boards are beautiful and fun! All solid wood boards and men give you a distinguished look. Invest in a classic.

  • Chess

    Skillful Cribbage Boards

    Here at Skillful we strive to find products Made in Maine and Made in the USA, and now we even have Made in Skillful! That’s right, we have started making our own cribbage boards in a variety of wood species. You can even make a special request and we will do our best to accommodate. We will also offer either wood pegs Made in Maine or glass pegs which are also made right here in Portland, Maine.

  • Scrabble NFL Edition

    Scrabble NFL Edition

    The Scrabble NFL Edition is played almost like regular Scrabble, but with some special NFL rules and a custom bonus dictionary you’ll have even more fun! Spell out your favorite team name for extra points and play like you are playing a real game of football. If Scrabble is too long of a game for you, switch to Collegiate Football Scrabble or Pro Bowl Scrabble to make the game shorter. Incorporate some special rules like Pre-Season, Trades, Trade Deadlines, Too many men on the field, Interception and Offsides to get that authentic NFL feel.