• Slip On tips

    Slip On tips

    These economical tips are great for house cues both at home and in bars and clubs. They really do just slip on over the end of your cues over the existing tip/ferrule. These are not recommended for serious play.

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  • Break Tips

    Break Tips

    To avoid mushrooming, you should have a break tip. We carry the Tiger Icebreaker, Moori, Samsara, Bakelite and Buffalo tips as our break tips. These tips are not meant for playing, only breaking.

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  • Traditional Pressed Tips

    Traditional Pressed Tips

    Any of our traditional tips can be put on by our Pro or by yourself at home (with a little practice!). We carry Elk Master, Triangle, Triumph, Le Pro, Buffalo and Royal Oak tips.

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  • Tiger Layered Tips

    Tiger Layered Tips

    Tiger layered tips are the standard tip on many of our most popular cues. We carry the Everest, Sniper, Emerald, Onyx and Icebreaker and can get any tip they make. The Sniper is by far our most popular tip with both League players and anyone trying to elevate their game.

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  • Kamui Black

    Kamui Black

    The Kamui Black tip has a higher elasticity allowing it to absorb the cue momentum to propel the ball with the desired spin. Available in Soft, Super Soft, Medium and Hard. Kamui Black tips are perfect for advanced players and players looking to get a better understanding of spin and momentum.

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