Olhausen Billiards “The Best in Billiards”  Made in America and Life-time Warranty

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All Olhausen Billiards Pool Tables, Games and Accessories are milled, built, finished packaged and shipped in the USA.
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All Olhausen Billiards Pool Tables use the world’s finest slate, which is diamond-honed to create the perfect playing surface. Each piece of slate is rechecked at the factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations.
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Olhausen uses a premium slate liner. Framing the slate ensures quieter play and reduces the stress on the slate. It also allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth installation. Olhausen bolts through the slate liner to eliminate vibration that can cause the rail bolts to loosen.

Uniliner an Olhausen Exclusive is a  large slate support for more accurate installation. It helps keep the slate flat and level  and minimizes wood movement.  Uniliner® tested, is almost twice as strong as other frame construction methods.

An Olhausen Exclusive and one of the many reasons Olhausen tables out perform the competition.


*BCA specs state that the deflection of a pool table frame must not exceed 0.030 (3/100) inch when 200 lbs of pressure is applied on center.

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4) PREMIUM CUSHIONS with a Lifetime Guarantee

Accu-Fast® cushions are the best playing cushions in the business.

Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in billiard cushions for years. However, more and more billiard manufactures are following Olhausen’s® lead and making cushions from 100% pure gum rubber. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate, consistent play-Accu-Fast. Of the five grades of rubber available, only the highest grade is good enough for Accu-Fast. This premium-quality rubber is processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments to increase accuracy and produce consistent play. To prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft state, Olhausen also uses special “anti-reversion” chemicals. And because of scientific advances in the curing of rubber, canvas control fabric is not needed with Accu-Fast cushions.

For optimum performance Accu-Fast cushions comply to a true K-66 face profile, which has been the standard of the industry for nearly a century. To help protect the environment, they comply with federal air-quality regulations. What’s more, Accu-Fast cushions are made in the U.S.A. ) This is why Olhausen has the confidence to offer a Lifetime Warranty on its Accu-Fast cushions. That’s right-a lifetime warranty.

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Olhausen cures and processes its hardwood lumber to remain stable in any climate. So, even if you have a very humid or very dry environment, your table will stand the test of time.

Olhausen Billiards uses the highest quality lumber available, “slower growth” trees, coming mostly from the northeastern United States rather than the “faster growth” trees usually found in warmer climates. The benefit of these slow growth trees are tighter growth rings, meaning tighter wood grain and less discoloration. This makes for much more dense and stable lumber, allowing for precise grain and color matching. This stronger wood also holds up better for cutting and gluing, as well as the milling, sanding, and finishing process.

They use the highest quality of several species of North American hardwoods, including Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. And also use some exotic imported hardwoods such as African Rosewood, Brazilian Cherry and Genuine Mahogany.

Olhausen starts with slow growth lumber and dries it to the optimum moisture for the best results in gluing, sanding, and finishing our frames. Each piece of lumber on a table is then grain matched, not only for the best appearance, but for the peak strength of the table. These pieces are immediately sealed, keeping the moisture content consistent and low, so there is no warping or cracking during the assembly and finishing process. They wrap every piece of wood shipped in a protective plastic bag, to minimize the risk of cracking.

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While Olhausen prides itself on the quality of components, it is the craftsmanship of an Olhausen table that truly makes a difference. With four generations in the business, they have truly created a brand that can say “The Best in Billiards”. It is the reason they are able to give a lifetime warranty and stand by our products for so long.