The Joy Factor – Why and How We Choose Olhausen and Brunswick Year after Year

  1. Our customers.
    Our customers are great. In general we find them to be thoughtful, intelligent people who do their homework and love quality. We trust their opinion. What are they looking for? What are they asking for? Telling us? We’re listening.
  2. Experience.
    We see a lot of Pool Tables. As you may know we service and repair all pool tables and we see it all. Are there other products out there to consider? How do our Olhausen and Brunswick Tables compare? We’re paying attention. 
  3. Research.
    Like you, we spend time researching on the internet. We read the reviews and the forums. What’s new out there? What are the serious players saying? We are constantly looking.
  4. Deep dive.
    We go to the trade shows and when possible, we spend time at the factory.  We see the materials, the craftsmanship, process and the company culture all first hand.
  5. The Company.
    What changes have been made in the product? What changes have been made at the company?  Is the company trust-worthy? Does the company support us?
  6. Aesthetics of Design.
     Even very serious players rate the style and design of the pool table very high.  A pool table becomes a destination in your home. How it looks matters.
  7. Aesthetics of Play.
      We have a lot of serious players who come in to the shop and they are not shy about telling us what they thinking we’re listening. How it plays matters.
  8. Track Record.
    How does the product hold up? Are there many issues/complaints? Do customers still love their pool tables years later?
  9. Value.
    In general, we get what we pay for, however, price and value are two different things.  Is the pricing in line with the quality? Both Olhausen and Brunswick Billiards offer quality high-value pool tables in the moderate to high price range. 
  10. The Joy Factor.
    This is perhaps our most important criteria. Do we love it? Are we excited to have this product in the showroom? Do we feel proud to represent this company and offer this product? 


Year after year, when we take stock and give a critical look at the products we offer and the companies we represent, the answer has been the same: Olhausen Billiards and Brunswick Billiards. We love these products and believe them to be the best Pool Tables on the market today. We are proud to offer these premium pool tables to our customers.

You may also go through a similar process when buying a pool table. Which is the best pool table? The best Pool Table is the one that is perfect for you. That’s why we recommend that you come in for a Test Game. Make an appointment. Spend 45 minutes or more with the table. All of our tables are available for play and we’ll set you up with quality pool balls and cues. If you are a beginner, we can recommend what to do, what to look for to get a good sense of how the table plays. If you are an advanced player, we will leave you to enjoy the experience. We promise a truly no-pressure, friendly and informative experience. Of course we are available to answer your questions. And then we have one important question for you: “Do you love it?”