• Training Games

    Make learning a fun challenge with these great games. Our Training Games include: Bobble Ball, Hand Billiard Bowling and Tag Ball Games. Have fun with the Bowling game or work on your kick shots with the Tag Ball game that blends the Bobble Ball into traditional Eight and Nine Ball games; Mike Massey’s Ultimate Pool Challenge Pool Playing Cards in Basic or Advanced. The Basic deck challenges you with 52 different angle shots, combinations, multi-shot scenarios, caroms and breakshots. The Advanced deck will test even the best players and improve your strategy.

  • Stroke Trainers

    Stroke Trainers

    Learn the correct stroke for all of your shots. The Joe Tucker 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer is something every player should own. It’s convenient, easy to use and very effective. The Stroke Trainer can be used with or without a pool table. It attaches to the tip of your cue stick and helps you overcome initial sighting flaws, aligment flaws and straightens your stroke. Comes with free DVD in which Joe shows you how you can best benefit from his Stroke Trainer.

  • Training Cue Balls

    Training Cue Balls

    Make it easy to see what really happens when you hit the cue ball. Our selection of Training Cue Balls includes: Jim Rempe Special Pool Training Ball with a Beginner and Advanced Player side and instruction booklet; McDermott Jump Trainer to master 9 jump shots. Standard Jump, Jump Draw, Jump Follow and add right/left Masse to all Jump shots; E-Z Shot Cueball for beginner and experienced players to learn control, concentration, focus, consistent play, rapid improvement and increase stroke accuracy; Elephant Practice Balls, the official Practice Balls of the ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge. Designed for beginner through advanced players to provide vivid visual feedback on every shot, refine stroke accuracy and aiming, reveal the effects of english, develop superior cue ball control and take the confusion out of cut shots, position play and more.

  • Stroke Trainers

    Books and DVDs

    Learn the rules, new tricks and history of the game. Our selection of books includes: International Tournament Pool featuring rules, shooting basics and cue and table care; The BCA Billiards Official Rules and Records Book featuring 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, Pocket Billiards, Snooker & Caroms, Instructional Tips, BCA Hall of Fame and Results and Records; The 99 Critical Shots in Pool by Ray “Cool at” Martin and Rosser Reeves that teaches you everything you need to know to learn and master the game. Our DVD’s include the Byrne’s series.