For over 35 years Skillful Home Recreation has offered the finest, best-in-class home recreation products in the area.

Skillful Home Recreation was founded in 1978 and we have been the proud owners since 2009. Since then we have helped hundreds of people find fun, relaxation and rejuvenation right in their own homes and their homes have been transformed into the home of their dreams.

In 2014, we moved to our fantastic new location on Forest Avenue and also become the exclusive Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer in Southern Maine. We feel Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are the perfect addition to our offerings of Best-in-Class Pool Tables, Classic and Table Games, Play Sets, etc. We love the Jacuzzi product so much that we built in a beautiful, very private Jacuzzi Room where our customers can try it out themselves. We invite you to try it.

Feel free to connect with us through the Contact Us form or the Skillful Facebook page. Or better, come on into to the Showroom. We believe that life is best when you can unwind and have a little fun. We’d love to show you how.

– Adrian (AJ) Jones (Owner/Manager)
– Andrew and Tiffany Marianski (Owners)