If you are thinking about a Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub, we encourage you to schedule a Hot Tub Test Soak early in the process. We promise that it will be a fun and relaxing experience and time well spent. There is nothing like experience to inform a good decision. Here’s what to expect at your hot tub test soak at Skillful Home Recreation:

  • Private – Our Test Soak Hot Tub Room has doors… that close! The Tub Room Suite is completely enclosed at the back of the showroom and includes a second private shower and dressing room. You will not be sharing the space with anyone during your Test Soak. It is completely private.
  • Beautiful and Relaxing – The lighting in the room is low, the lighting in hot tub is mesmerizing, the colors and decor of the rooms are beautiful, the music is a collection of your favorites, the water is warm (about 101 degrees to start), the hydrotherapy massage is perfect and the time is yours.Typically we schedule about 45 minutes for a Test Soak off-hours. Enjoy!
  • Unique – Our customers really love the one-of-a-kind flickering “starlight” above the Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub in the Test Soak Room. (It’s actually an LED light fixture designed and built by our owner/manager, AJ Jones). It’s the perfect touch!
  • Customized – Most of our Test Soakers have decided ahead of time which Jetpaks they want to try. We are happy to have the tub set up just the way you want it.
  • Luxurious – After your Test Soak enjoy a shower and plenty of space to change. We provide fluffy, luxury bath robes and towels. It’s truly a spa experience designed to make you feel relaxed and pampered.
  • Friendly with No-pressure – We guarantee a fun, friendly, no-pressure sales process from start to finish and this goes double for your Test Soak. Yes, we’ll be there to make sure everything goes well and answer any and all questions, but you will not have to listen to a sales pitch in exchange for this enjoyable experience. Relax and Enjoy.
  • Informative – You may have some questions and we will have answers for you. However, the real learning experience is in the tub. Get your hands on the intuitive Bullfrog Spas controls, try multiple Jetpaks and seats, experiment with the sound system and temperature.

Now that know what to expect at your hot tub test soak Schedule a Test Soak with us soon.
We think that you will love the experience as much as we do.

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