• Bullfrog Spas Alleviate Jetpak

    Alleviate Jetpak

    The Alleviate JetPak features 8 medium-intensity direct jets that are perfectly aligned to massage almost all key muscular regions across your back.

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  • Bullfrog Spas Oscillator Jetpak

    Oscillator Jetpak

    The Oscillator Jetpak is one of the most popular JetPaks, delivering a unique wide-ranging therapy covering a wide area of your back.

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  • Bullfrog Spas Pulsator Jetpak

    Pulsator Jetpak

    The Pulsator is a favorite of many providing a medium-fast speed pulsating massage at a medium intensity.

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  • Bullfrog Spas RainShower Jetpak

    Rainshower Jetpak

    The RainShower JetPak provides a soothing massage that is a gentle all-over hydromassage experience that is not too strong.

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  • Bullfrog Spas SpinalHealth Jetpak

    SpinalHealth Jetpak

    The SpinalHealth JetPak is unique in that each individual jet is aligned to target the muscles nearest your spinal column providing a deep direct-pressure hydromassage.

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  • Bullfrog Spas Wellness Jetpak

    Wellness Jetpak

    The Wellness JetPak combines a variety of different massages: medium intensity rhythmic pulsating massages in your shoulders and lateral muscles and a direct high-intensity deep tissue massage in your lower back.

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