• Crazy 8 Ball

    The crazy eight ball is the perfect practical joke! This eight ball is regular in every way but one: it is weighted off-center. When this ball rolls, it wiggles and rolls off to the side, and sometimes even changes direction. Imagine the laughs you’ll get when your opponent thinks he is seeing things. The crazy 8-ball makes a great gift, or is even better to just have on hand for the trickster in all of us.

  • MLB and NFL Balls

    MLB and NFL Balls are the perfect accessory for the sports fan in your life, or, you know, you! Available as full sets or individually. You can get any MLB or NFL team, but why would you want anyone other than the Red Sox or Patriots, right? Full sets come in the team’s home and away colors so you don’t have to have any of those Yankees balls touching your table! Full disclosure: Skillful loves all teams and their fans equally, or at least the fans.

  • E-Z Shot Cueball

    The E-Z Shot Cueball is designed for both beginner and experienced players. Includes a manual to walk yo through exercises. The E-Z Shot teaches and reinforces fundamentals of cue ball control; improves concentration and focus; develops consistent play; promotes rapid improvement and increases stroke accuracy. Beginners will go through key exercises designed to develop basic skills quickly. The visual feedback allows you to learn faster. Experienced players can use the E-Z Shot to help identify and correct problem areas in your game and increase consistency.

  • McDermott Jump Trainer

    The McDermott Jump Trainer gives you 9 jump shots to master. Learn standard jump, jump draw, jump follow and add right/left Masse to all jump shots with this one ball.

  • Elephant Practice Balls

    Elephant Practice Balls are designed for Beginner through Advanced level players. These balls provide vivid visual feedback on every shot, which means you’ll learn or improve faster. Includes a practice cue ball and object ball to optimize learning. Refines stroke accuracy and aiming; reveals the effects of english, or spin; develops superior cue ball control and takes the confusion out of cut shots, position play and more. Elephant Practice Balls are the Official Practice Balls of the ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge!

  • Jim Rempe Pool Training Ball

    The Jim Rempe Training Ball was designed by Jim Rempe himself. This ball has both a beginner and an advanced player side to assist you in your progress. Use this training ball to help you see where to hit the cue ball for spin, also known as English; develop a better stroke by teaching a more accurate delivery of your cue stick to the cue ball; optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot. The Rempe Training ball includes a 56-page manual to allow you to get everything you can out of using it. Made by Aramith.