Why a Staycation May Be Better than a Vacation

Can a “Staycation” actually be your Best Vacation yet?

Here are six reasons why staying home may be a great idea

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1. Less Stress

A staycation can be your best vacation yet simply because it can be much less stressful. Have you ever returned from a long awaited vacation and secretly thought that it was great to get back in your routine? Maybe you even joked, “I need a vacation from my vacation!” Vacations that involve travel, strange and new places, new languages,  hotel reservations, car rentals, event tickets, tour schedules,  planning different activities for different family members, parking at popular and crowded destinations, eating out at new restaurants three times a day, etc. all may be part of the fun and worthwhile, but can also feel stressful and tiring.This is true even if everything goes perfectly as planned. By staying home for your vacation you are eliminating a lot of stressful factors, many of which are beyond our control, leaving you feeling more relaxed and ready to enjoy your vacation time and life in general.

2. More time

Compared to travel vacations where typically the first and last days are dedicated to getting there and then getting back home, staying at home for your vacation can give back at least two days of relaxation and fun. That’s not considering driving long distances and hours at night, flight delays and cancellations at the airport or any situation where you have travelled across time zones (jet lag). It can take multiple days to adjust and while you are physically “there” you may not feel rested, relaxed and able to enjoy the first day or two. Likewise when you travel home, you may need to build in extra time to be sure that you are ready for work, ready for the kids to get back to school, time pick up the pets, unpack, do laundry, etc. Eliminating these factors by vacationing at home gives you more time to enjoy the good stuff.

3. More money to splurge or save

Eliminating travel, accommodation, meals and perhaps some entertainment expenses frees up a lot of money to either spend on your staycation or save. If you can have more time relaxing and having fun at home with less stress, also having more money to spend or saves seems like a great benefit.

4. More rest

The number one reason most people say they need a vacation is because they want more rest. However, getting more rest on a vacation is not what usually happens. In fact it is common to pack the time full of activities. That means lots of time going, going, going, late nights and early wake-ups. If you truly want or need more time just resting, rejuvenating, relaxing and recharge, a staycation may be a better bet.

5. More having it your way

When you vacation from home, you make the rules, the plans, the timing. You can make each day a special event by planning activities and special meals, or play it all by ear and experience whatever comes to mind.

6. Sometimes, more healthy

Travel under the right circumstances can be a wonderful thing and we’re all for it – if it is right for you. However, there are times when travel is either out of the question for health reasons or simply that staying at home is a better way to stay healthy. We all know that a healthy immune system is the best way not to get sick, however, there are challenges to our health that we may simply want or need to avoid, if possible. In that case, a staycation can be a much better option.

Looking for ways to make your home environment ready for a staycation that can be your best vacation? We can help with that.

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