Trica Sal Bar Stool

The Trica Sal Bar Stool is a backless, transitional-style, swivel bar or kitchen stool.

Trica Boca Bar Stool

The Trica Boca Bar Stool is a contemporary style, backless stationary bar, counter or kitchen stool.

AcuTherapy Jetpak

Perfectly Aligned for Relaxation. The AcuTherapy JetPak provides a targeted deep massage for the upper back and lower obliques along with a medium-intensity quick pulsating massage for the mid- back.

Alleviate Jetpak

The Alleviate JetPak features 8 medium-intensity direct jets that are perfectly aligned to massage almost all key muscular regions across your back.

DeepRelief Jetpak

The DeepRelief JetPak delivers hydromassage aligned to target specific muscle groups in your back known to hold tension and stress. It features 10 targeted high-intensity jets providing maximum relief of aches and pains.  

FibroTherapy Jetpak

The FibroTherapy JetPak is a combination massage engineered in conjunction with expert health consultants to provide maximum relief of daily aches.

Gyrossage Jetpak

The Gyrossage is a favorite JetPak that offers a deliberate full-back rhythmic massage. The 5 large jets offer a slower, more deliberate, pulsating action that covers nearly the entire surface of your back with a soothing medium-high intensity.

Lumbar Jetpak

The Lumbar JetPak is a combination massages that targets key pressure points in your middle lower back with a deep penetrating hydromassage and your mid back with a medium intensity massage.