Pulsator Jetpak

The Pulsator is a favorite of many providing a medium-fast speed pulsating massage at a medium intensity.

Rainshower Jetpak

The RainShower JetPak provides a soothing massage that is a gentle all-over hydromassage experience that is not too strong.

Reliever Jetpak

The Reliever JetPak targets your lower obliques with an intense direct-pressure deep massage while soothing your upper lateral muscles with a wide-area medium intensity kneading action.

SpinalHealth Jetpak

The SpinalHealth JetPak is unique in that each individual jet is aligned to target the muscles nearest your spinal column providing a deep direct-pressure hydromassage.

Spinalssage Jetpak

The Spinalssage JetPak is simply 2 rotating jets positioned to align with points along the spine.

Trio Jetpak

The Trio uses the popular Oscillator Jets from the Oscillator Jetpak, and provides more coverage.

Versa Jetpak

The Versa JetPak offers a strong direct shoulder massage, a mid-back kneading action and steady pulsating massage for the low back.

Wellness Jetpak

The Wellness JetPak combines a variety of different massages: medium intensity rhythmic pulsating massages in your shoulders and lateral muscles and a direct high-intensity deep tissue massage in your lower back.

Bullfrog Spas Swim Spa S150

With Bullfrog Spas S150 Swim Spa you will enjoy an ample number of multilevel seats. There is plenty of room for everyone to work out, play, or relax away tension, all year round, right from the comfort of your own backyard.

Bullfrog Spas Swim Spa S200

Soak and swim in Bullfrog Spas largest spa – a multi-functional Spa perfect for families, premium therapy seekers, and fitness enthusiasts.