Brunswick Canton Pool Table


  • SIZE : 8 ft.
  • FINISH: Black forest or rustic gray finish with smooth texture; aged metal turn-buckle stretchers; aged metal corners and hardware; hand-hammered sights
  • POCKETS : As Shown
  • LEGS : As Shown
  • SLATE : 1"
  • COLOR : Brunswick Green
  • CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Stain-Resistant Cloth
  • DINING TOP : None

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Experience Rustic-Industrial Charm with The Brunswick Canton Pool Table

Artful Design and Industrial Charm

Nothing says “rack ’em up” like the rustic-meets-industrial charm of the Brunswick Canton Pool Table. Featuring artful hand-hammered sights and aged metal turnbuckle stretchers, corners, and hardware, this eight-foot table in black forest or rustic gray finish epitomizes proud craftsmanship and industrial design.

Rustic Elegance and Superior Craftsmanship

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Canton Pool Table combines rustic elegance with superior craftsmanship. Its hand-hammered sights add a touch of artistry, while the aged metal elements enhance its industrial appeal. This table is not just a piece of furniture but a statement piece that elevates any game room or entertainment space.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Built to last, the Canton Pool Table ensures durability and reliability, making it a worthy investment for your home. The robust turnbuckle stretchers and hardware contribute to its sturdy build, promising years of enjoyable gameplay and aesthetic pleasure. Whether for casual games or competitive play, the Canton delivers on both style and performance.


In summary, the Brunswick Canton Pool Table combines rustic-meets-industrial charm with superior craftsmanship, making it a perfect addition to any game room. With its artful design, aged metal accents, and durable construction, the Canton stands out as a centerpiece that enhances your home decor. Discover why the Canton is favored by enthusiasts and elevate your entertainment space with this distinctive pool table.

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