Olhausen Pool Table Covers


  • Sizes:7′, 8′ or 9′
  • Colors and Style: Black or Brown or Grey Antique or Modern Style
  • Antique Style Dimensions: 7ft Antique: L.90” x W.50” x H.8” 8ft Antique: L.99” x W.55” x H.8” 9ft Antique: L.111” x W.61” x H.8”
  • Please note: Antique style covers have rounded corners
  • Modern Style Dimensions: 7ft Modern: L.92” x W.53” x H.8” 8ft Modern: L102” x W.58” x H.8” 9ft Modern: L.114” x W.64” x H.8”
  • Please note: Modern style covers have straight corners

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