1. Why upgrade to Simonis Cloth? 1) Better play, 2) better looks, 3) longer life, 4) more durability and, 5) increased enjoyment.

Simonis is the only textile mill in the world dedicated to producing cloth for cue-sports and all Simonis cloths use worsted wool construction, making them very strong and very durable while maintaining the best possible playing surface. The pool balls do not roll on the slate, they roll on the cloth, so we recommend Simonis.   

  •  NO Shed, NO Pill = Superior accuracy, consistency and durability.
    Worsted cloth is a superior playing surface for pool tables.The smooth, flat surface of Simonis worsted cloths do not “shed”  or “pill”. Shedding and pilling can lead to grooves or tracks forming in the cloth, negatively impacting play, because the roll of the ball is affected by these problems. With Simonis, ball spin is consistent, and the roll stays straight and true on every shot.
  • Precision is the standard:  Simonis meets the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2000 certification for the production and sale of billiard cloths. In addition, Simonis conducts regular dynamometric tests to maintain the tolerances of extension and elasticity of the cloth.

  • Superior Value: Yes, it’s a relatively small investment up front, but Simonis plays better, longer all the while allowing you to play your best.
  • Many Options:

➜ Simonis 760® – The Original Worsted Blend

      • Combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. Nap-free…will not pill, fluff or shed.
      • Available in 15 colors: Simonis Green™, Blue Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Grey, Tournament Blue™, Electric Blue, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Black, and Purple.*
      • This link will give you a good idea of the colors, but be aware that this is a digital sample and different computers render colors differently. If exact color is important to you, we recommend that you make an appointment and come in to see the physical samples.

➜ Simonis 760 SR™ – Olhausen Exclusive; The Stain Resistant Worsted Blend

      • Combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. Nap-free…will not pill, fluff or shed.
      • Available exclusively through authorized Olhausen Dealers in the U.S. & Canada – Skillful Home Recreation is an Authorized Olhausen Dealer.
      • Available in 12 colors: Simonis Green™, Black, Burgundy, Camel, Dark Green, Gold, Grey, Red, Royal Blue, Spruce, Tournament Blue™, Wine
      • The Simonis 760 SR is a non-petro-chemically treated stain-resistant Simonis cloth! While Simonis is naturally resistant to spills and stains due to its tight weave and high thread count, this product adds a stain treatment built in during the manufacturing process and not sprayed-on later.

➜ Simonis 860® – The New Standard for Pool 

      • Slightly slower than the #760 Blend.
      • Combed worsted wool, high thread count and higher wool content assure long lasting wear and reduced ball burning. Nap-free… will not pill, fluff or shed.
      • Available in 27 colors: Simonis Green™, Blue Green, Petroleum Blue, English Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Powder Blue, Tournament Blue™, Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Mocha, Olive, Espresso, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Fuchsia, Purple, Grey, Slate Grey, Black, Chartreuse, Orange, and Burnt Orange.


2. Invest in a quality Pool Table Cover. We have done thousands of re-cloth jobs over the years. Trust us on this.

  • Accidents Happen: You may be very clean, have strict “house rules” about no food or drink on the table, but think about it – accidents happen. Spilled drinks, dropped food, pet accidents, kid accidents and things you couldn’t even imagine can all be avoided with a Pool Table cover.
  •  Check out our Pool Table Covers here.


3. Invest in a Pool Play Package.

  • If you have used a high-quality cue and pool balls you already know their value.
  • If you are new to Pool, you can extrapolate what you have experienced in other pursuits – perhaps sports, weather gear, or even kitchen cookware. While the very top end of products may be for the experts, often an upgrade to the base model is well worth the investment.
  • Both Olhausen and Brunswick offer excellent Play Packages. These packages are a terrific value, meaning that you would pay more than twice as much as if you bought the components separately.
  • Check out our Play Packages here.


4. Invest in a Cue Rack or a Drawer in your Table.

  • Protect your cues and accessories… and your table cloth (if there is no other place to keep them, they will wind up on the table.)
  • Many of our Pool Tables have the option of a Drawer to keep your Cues, Balls and Accessories, and this has become one of our most requested options.
  • We also offer some beautiful Racks, some of which match your table, but it doesn’t have to be fancy to do the job.
  • Check out our Pool Wall and Floor Racks here.


5. Consider a Ping Pong Conversion Top or Dining Table Top

  • We just love this option and want everyone to know about it. It’s almost like getting two tables in one! Both Brunswick and Olhausen make some excellent Conversion Tops and Dining Tops.
  • There are also caddies available to make storage easy and convenient.
  • View our Dining Top and Table Tennis Conversion Tops here.