Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Learn the history behind the well known luxury spa – the jacuzzi hot tub

Today, Jacuzzi is a household name, synonymous with spa luxury. Like some other extremely popular brands, “Jacuzzi” has come to be used by many as interchangeable with “hot tub” or “whirlpool tub,” but a true Jacuzzi Hot Tub is much more.

While cultures throughout history have used natural thermal springs for their healing properties and the Romans raised bathing to an art form, it wasn’t until the Jacuzzi brothers that we could enjoy the luxury of the hot tub in our own homes. They emigrated from Italy to California in the early 1900’s and became orange farmers, but they soon became more well-known for their inventions. They dived into the fledgling aviation business, inventing both a novel propeller known as the “Jacuzzi toothpick” and the first enclosed cabin monoplane, used by the U.S. Postal Service to shuttle passengers between San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.

Their farming operation in dry California spurred their interest in water systems and pumps, and the stage was set for the eventual creation of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. In 1925, they revolutionized the pump industry, unveiling an idea so novel that it nearly didn’t get off the ground; the end result was the most efficient water pump in history, which won a Gold Medal Award at the 1930 California State Fair. Their inventions laid the foundation for today’s jet pump industry.

The modern Jacuzzi tub was born in 1956. In response to a young relative’s need for pain relief, the brothers designed an aerating pump that could be submerged in the bathtub, providing a soothing, pain-relieving massage. The J-300, a portable pump, was the forerunner of today’s hot tubs and started Jacuzzi on its way to becoming a household name. In the late 60s, Roy Jacuzzi designed and marketed the first integrated whirlpool bath, and the stage was set. Jacuzzi created an entire industry, manufacturing tubs to accommodate groups, incorporating heating and filtration systems, and constantly innovating.

Today, “Jacuzzi” is a name that says both luxury and relaxation. When you hear Jacuzzi, you know it will be the best of the best…and it all started with some orange trees and an airplane propeller.

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