Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy diminishes stress, relieves sore muscles and invigorates.

With a Jacuzzi hot tub, you enjoy a hydrotherapy experience that combines massage, buoyancy and heat to provide you with deep relaxation. And you continue to feel the benefits of your hydrotherapy session — less pain, freer movement, less stress, better circulation and more — long after you’ve returned to dry land. Spending just a few minutes daily in your Jacuzzi hot tub can contribute significantly to your healthy lifestyle.

In hydrotherapy, also known as physiotherapy, water helps you recover from injuries more quickly. It improves circulation by opening up your blood vessels, and it reduces soreness in your muscles by helping remove lactic acid. It can help relieve the pain of arthritis by relaxing muscles around sore joints, and it promotes the movement of feel-good endorphins throughout the body. Along with a respite from everyday worries, a few minutes a day in your Jacuzzi hot tub provides you with an overall boost to your physical and mental health.

Your Jacuzzi includes low-pressure, high-volume PowerPro jets that distinguish it from the hot tubs offered by the rest of the industry. The special Jacuzzi jetting system delivers a soothing, smooth massage experience with a perfect balance of air and water.

Water therapy brings ancient practice to modern times.
Jacuzzi has revitalized an ancient practice, water massage therapy, and popularized it for the modern age. Humans have been drawn to water for thousands of years, seeking solace in the Earth’s natural springs. Ancient people knew that the warmth, buoyancy and muscle stimulation provided by springs could improve outlook and relieve the body’s aches and pains.

Today, research has confirmed the many healing benefits of hydrotherapy, including better circulation, relief from joint pain, and boosting of natural healing in the body. In your Jacuzzi, warm, swirling water provides you with instinctive comfort as your stress seems to melt away.

Additional forms of therapy from your Jacuzzi spa:
In addition to healing hydrotherapy, your Jacuzzi provides you with the benefits of additional forms of therapy.

  • Reflexology uses the reflexes in your hands and feet to manage pain and stress in other parts of the body. You can direct your Jacuzzi jets to pressure points for promoting certain functions of the muscles and joints and for increasing circulation.
  • Chromatherapy employs light in various hues to boost your spirit or help you achieve a state of calm. You react in beneficial ways to certain colors, which can help reduce pressures and pains brought on by modern life.
  • Aromatherapy uses plant oils such as essential oils in an evaporative manner to improve your physical and mental well-being. You can enjoy beneficial effects for both your mind and body by incorporating specific scents into your Jacuzzi hydrotherapy experience.

Your Jacuzzi hot tub provides you with a wealth of benefits for body, mind and spirit. The low-pressure, high-volume jets in your Jacuzzi provide you with deep relaxation, improved circulation and true relaxation to improve your overall sense of well-being.

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