Three factors that make a Bullfrog Spa so energy efficiencyBullfrog Spas Efficiency Graph

1. Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less plumbing than other hot tubs
Most of the water delivery system is inside  the manifold on the Jetpaks and is submerged in the hot water. Heat from water in the JetPak manifold transfers directly to the spa water rather than being lost to the cold outside environment. Less plumbing  means less friction and less energy to get water to the jets.

2. Superior full foam insulation
Bullfrog Spas utilizes an ultra-efficient foam which insulates the spa completely to prevent heat loss, even in the coldest climates. A full foam insulated Bullfrog Spa locks in the heat and very little escapes to the outside air.  

3. Quality, tight-fitting cover
Bullfrog Spas covers are designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa to maximize its energy efficiency.