Customized JetPak Therapy System

Design your perfect hot tub with the customizable JetPak system by Bullfrog Spas. Choose from 16 different JetPaks, each providing a unique hydrotherapy experience. JetPaks are interchangeable — switch your massage experience, modify its intensity or move your JetPak to a different location in your spa at any time.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A Bullfrog Spa uses less energy than any other hot tub in its class. With the unique JetPak system, Bullfrog Spas have been designed with up to 90% less plumbing for their operation. Save energy and money when you invest in a Bullfrog Spa.

Quality  and Reliability – Patented EnduraFrame Foundations

Every Bullfrog Spa starts with an EnduraFrame™ foundation, a wood and metal-free base that was specifically engineered to avoid rot and corrosion. With a Bullfrog Spa, you can have confidence knowing your hot tub will be structurally sound for years to come.

Warranty Options

Rest easy, your spa is protected by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Water Care

The Bullfrog Spas Premium Water Care Package combines the unique benefits of three highly effective clean water systems.