We know how hard it can be in today’s busy world to find ways to connect, get away from the cell phones and screens and have a conversation with family. A family pool table or game can be the perfect addition to help.

Recently, a man came into the store with some questions about the shuffleboard, ping pong, and foosball tables. We played a little on each table and then he started talking. Apparently, his wife had purchased a beautiful Olhausen pool table from Skillful last Christmas for the family….“It turns out,” he said, “that it’s been the best thing for my relationship with my teenaged son. For whatever reason, when we play pool together he just opens up and we really connect. We now play at least once a week and sometimes more. I really look forward to it and I can tell that he does, too. Plus, my son brings his friends home to play and the kids have a blast.” The pool table had been such a big success that he decided to add a new game table this year.

Let us help you find a new way to enjoy family time with these specials.


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