How to Have a Successful Delivery and avoid Delays, Re-scheduling and Additional Fees


Delivery Form and Agreements

  • Please read our Delivery Policies carefully and Indicate your Agreement at the bottom.

    Keep your Delivery Appointment
    We have a very firm 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling expectation for every customer. If you cancel within 24 hours of your delivery appointment or are a “no call, no show,” a $250 rescheduling fee will be automatically charged.

    Prepare for your installation
    If we have travelled to your site and find any conditions that prevent completion of your installation, an additional fee to cover travel expenses will automatically be applied, in addition to the $250 rescheduling fee. (Minimum of $100.)

    A clear and safe path from our truck to the final destination
    Safety of our crew is our top priority. Please ensure that there is a safe path for our team to carry your products from the parking area to the location it is going in your home. Icy or snowy outdoor walkways, and obstacles outside or inside the home are hazardous for our installers. Our installers are not permitted to move things out of the way - that is up to you.

    A clear driveway, walkway and turn-around in winter
    Please make sure the driveway and roads leading to your property are easily accessible for a normal, large vehicle. This means the approach is plowed, reasonably cleared and sand and/or salt have been put on any icy patches in the driveway and walkways.

    Clear instructions for product placement and a clean work space
    Please make sure that the area where we will be placing your products or completing your service is clear, clean and ready for us in every way.

    Communicate anything unusual
    If there is anything unusual about the path our team will take once in your home, such as steep or narrow stairs, narrow hallways, tight corners, more than one flight of stairs, etc. we need to know as soon as possible and at least 2 business days in advance.

    Be available
    Please make sure that you or someone you have designated is available to meet our crew. If that is not possible, you must be available by telephone beginning either at 8:00 AM if you have a morning delivery or NOON if you have an afternoon delivery, all the way through the completion of the installation. We will call you to confirm that you are available before heading to your location. If we are unable to confirm your availability, you will be rescheduled.

    Payment is expected at the time of the Installation
    If we have delivered your product to your location, your balance is due at that time.

    When will you be rescheduled?
    Honestly, we can not predict. We will make every effort to reschedule you as soon as possible, however, other deliveries are often scheduled sometimes weeks in advance.

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