Bullfrog Spas Swim Spa S180XD


  • Starting MSRP (without options) for Bullfrog Swim Series: $35,395 - $44,595
  • Contact us for your Special Price
  • JETPAKS AVAILABLE FOR SWIM SERIES: AcuTherapy, Alleviate, DeepRelief, FibroTherapy, Gyrossage, Lumbar, NeckRelief, Oscillator, Pulsator, RainShower, Reliever, SpinalHealth, Spinalssage, Trio, Versa, Wellness.
  • Color Profile: (See image left): Exterior: Timber; Interior: Snow; Cover: Dusk
  • Dimensions: 94" x 180" x 60"
  • Total Seats: 5
  • Bench Seats: 1
  • Lounge Seats: 1
  • Elevated Seats: 2
  • Swim Series JetPaks: 4
  • Swim Jets/Propulsion: 2
  • High-Performance 2-Speed Jet Pumps: 3
  • Water Capacity to Fill Line: 1856 Gallons (7025 Liters)
  • Dry Weight with Cover: 2532 lbs (1148 kg)
  • Maximum Fill Weight with Cover: 21380 lbs (9698 kg)
  • EnduraFrame Construction/Full-Foam/Molded Base
  • Premium Patio Performance Spa Cover: Standard
  • Exercise Anchors: 6 Standard
  • Tether Anchors: 3. Standard
  • Dedicated Circulation Pump: Standard
  • Simplicity™ Filtration System: Standard
  • Premium Exterior Lighting: Standard
  • Water Feature: Standard
  • Exercise Kit
  • Stainless Steel Exercise Rail (24")
  • Stainless Steel Entry Rail (8")
  • Operational Sound Measured 64.7 to 65.5 dB (low speed) 73.1 to 75.3 dB (high speed)

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The Bullfrog Spas  S180XD spans 15 feet in length, boasting extra depth and a distinct seating arrangement designed to cater to the needs of avid swimmers and fitness enthusiasts. It offers ample space for serious aquatic activities while ensuring therapeutic benefits, diverse seating options, and integrated entertainment. Tailor your swim routines and exercises to suit your physique and training preferences, whether following preset programs or customizing your regimen for enhanced cardiovascular fitness, weight control, or muscle conditioning.