Rainbow Monster Clubhouse Series


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Most Unique Outdoor Wooden Playsets

The Rainbow Monster Clubhouse playset has a 6′ deck height, 9.5’ swing beam height and the 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide with the 5.2’ x 7.8’ deck size. The Monster Series boasts the most unique designs and our 2021 Monster line up stays true as our most unique series, including our ultra unique Monster Huckleberry Hideout playsets. The Monster Clubhouse features endless customizable possibilities with its modular and fully expandable design!

The Huckleberry Hideout Pkg II Classic has a cozy Lower-Level Playhouse with Playhouse Door and a Deluxe Huckleberry Wood Roof with Chimney on this Clubhouse-style swing set. Serve lemonade at the built-in Lemonade Stand, or swing into the sky on the 4 Position Swing Beam, complete with Sling Swings and a Knotted Rope with Buoy Ball.


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Monster Clubhouse Pkg II Feature Model (40A)
Monster Clubhouse Pkg II with Playhouse & More
Monster Clubhouse Pkg II Fancy (41C)
Monster Clubhouse Pkg III Loaded (41D)
Monster Clubhouse Pkg IV Forest Green (41E)
Monster Clubhouse Pkg V Whopper (42F)
Huckleberry Hideout Pkg II Beautiful (43G)
Huckleberry Hideout Pkg II Classic (43H)
Huckleberry Pkg IV Magic (43I)
Huckleberry Hideout Pkg V Jacked (43J)