FibroTherapy Jetpak


  • A kneading massage relaxes your lower back while deep penetrating therapy in the area of your thoracic vertebrae helps you relax.
  • SPAS: Swim Series, M-Series, A-Series
  • MASSAGE CATEGORY: Combination Therapy
  • JET TYPES: DeepRelief, Oscillator
  • JETTING 1: (4) Deep Relief Jets:
  • TYPE: Deep tissue massage brought by powerful penetrating pressure.
  • AREA: Upper and Mid Back (Thoracic Vertebrae)
  • JETTING 2: (2)Oscillator Jets
  • TYPE: Deliberate, soothing, and therapeutic kneading action that covers a large area.
  • AREA: Lower Back

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The FibroTherapy JetPak is a combination massage engineered in conjunction with expert health consultants to provide maximum relief of daily aches.