Bullfrog Spas M7


  • The Bullfrog Spas M Series™ spas combine functionality, gorgeous aesthetics, and the most versatile layouts available. The M-Series feature Bullfrog Spas®’ JetPak Therapy System™, in all premium seat locations, Simplicity™ water care, multi-functional controls throughout the spa, smart sensor technology.
  • Base MSRP (without options) for the M-Series tubs: $22,195-$27,295
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  • Exterior and Interior Color Options: See image to left and click to enlarge.
  • SIZE: 7'7"  x 7'7" x 37"
  • Total Seats: 9
  • Bucket Style Seats 4
  • Lounge Style Seats 2
  • Elevated Seats 3
  • High-Performance 2-Speed Jet Pumps 2
  • Therapy Pumps: 2
  • M Series Premium Patio Performance Spa Cover (w/ smart sensor technology)
  • EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System comes standard!
  • Water Capacity: 453 Gallons
  • Dry Weight / Filled Weight: 900 lbs 5929 lbs
  • EnduraFrame Construction/Full-Foam/Molded Base Standard
  • M Series Premium Patio Performance Spa Cover (w/ smart sensor technology) Standard
  • M Series Spa Cover Lift Standard
  • M Series Premium Spa Steps Optional
  • M Series Premium Spa Cabinet Standard
  • High-Performance 2-Speed Jet Pumps 2
  • Dedicated Circulation Pump Standard
  • M Series Audio (rich surround sound, hidden in-shell speakers, sub-woofer, Bluetooth compatibility, track and volume adjustment through main control, volume adjustment through multi-function auxiliary controls) Optional
  • M Series Adjustable Headrests Standard
  • Simplicity™ Filtration System Standard
  • Simplicity™ Flat Filter Standard
  • EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System Standard
  • M Series Premium Interior LED Lighting Standard
  • M Series Premium Control-activated Water Feature Standard
  • M Series Premium Exterior Lighting Standard
  • Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain Fitting Standard
  • M Series JetPaks 6, Standard
  • M Series Premium Jets Standard
  • Hidden Water Return Fittings in JetPods Standard
  • Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg, Elevated Seat Therapy Jets 18
  • Maximum Jets Available 270
  • Operational Sound Measured 64.7 to 65.5 dB (low speed) 73.1 to 75.3 dB (high speed)

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Discover the Bullfrog Spas M7 Hot Tub

Innovative Therapy Seats and Versatile Seating Options

The Bullfrog Spas M7 Hot Tub features the first-of-their-kind Adirondack-inspired premium therapy seats, designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits. These seats redefine comfort with their ergonomic design, ensuring every soak is rejuvenating. Additionally, the unique double JetPak love seat offers couples a customized hydrotherapy session simultaneously, fostering relaxation and connection.

Therapeutic Design for Maximum Comfort

In addition to the double JetPak love seat, the M7 Hot Tub includes therapeutic elevated seats that target sore muscles and joints, offering options for deep tissue massage or gentle relaxation. Each seat is ergonomically crafted to support the body and enhance comfort during use.

Intuitive Controls and Effortless Maintenance

Operating the M7 Hot Tub is effortless with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust temperature, jets, and lighting with ease. The simple water care system ensures hassle-free maintenance, keeping your spa clean and ready for relaxation. The renowned JetPak Therapy System provides customizable jet configurations, ensuring a tailored massage experience for optimal therapeutic benefits.

Sleek Design and Spacious Interior

Aesthetically, the M7 Hot Tub stands out with its sleek and modern design, complementing any outdoor space with luxury and sophistication. Despite its mid-size footprint, the M7 offers more space than other spas in its class, providing ample room for movement and relaxation during solo soaks or social gatherings.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Constructed with high-quality materials, the M7 Hot Tub guarantees durability and longevity. Its robust frame and weather-resistant shell withstand the elements, ensuring years of reliable use. The energy-efficient design reduces operating costs and minimizes environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Transform Your Backyard Oasis

Whether you seek therapeutic relief, a place to unwind, or a luxurious addition to your home, the Bullfrog Spas M7 Hot Tub delivers on all fronts. Experience innovation, style, and comfort with this exceptional spa and transform your backyard into a personal oasis of relaxation and well-being. Investing in the M7 Hot Tub means investing in your health and overall quality of life.

The M-Series is the Premier Series by Bullfrog Spas. Looking for a luxury spa a lower price point? View the A7.

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