Brunswick Black Wolf Pro Pool Table


  • Table size: 7, 8, 9 ft.
  • Finish Available: Black
  • Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
  • Pockets: Gully Return or Drop Pockets available
  • MATERIALS: Aprons: High Pressure Laminate over MDF; Legs: High Pressure Laminate over MDF; Rails: High Pressure Laminate over solid hardwood; Baseframe: Plywood
  • Matching Cue Rack: Gold Crown Wall Rack
  • Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
  • High Performance Nut Plate Construction
  • Superspeed Cushion Rubber
  • Round Rail Sights

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Discover Superior Craftsmanship with The Brunswick Black Wolf Pro Pool Table

Modern Styling and Rigorous Engineering

The Brunswick Black Wolf Pro Pool Table is a superb combination of modern styling and rigorous engineering standards. Featuring attractive and sturdy pedestal-style legs, a leg stretcher, and foot levelers, this table is designed to enhance both the aesthetic and gameplay experience. Available in 7′, 8′, or 9′ sizes with pocket or gully options, the Black Wolf Pro caters to diverse preferences and space requirements.

Enhanced Features for Competitive Play

Built to competition standards, the Black Wolf Pro  ensures superior performance and durability. Whether for casual games or professional tournaments, Brunswick’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail. The optional Gold Crown wall rack complements the table beautifully, adding functionality and elegance to your game room setup.

Optional Brunswick Decal for Personalization

Personalize your Brunswick Black Wolf Pro with the optional Brunswick decal, enhancing its visual appeal and making it uniquely yours. This customizable feature allows you to add a personal touch to your gaming experience, making the Black Wolf Pro a standout piece in any game room or recreational space.


In summary, the Brunswick Black Wolf Pro combines modern styling, rigorous engineering, and competitive-grade performance, making it an ideal choice for billiards enthusiasts. With its sturdy construction, optional features, and versatile size options, the Black Wolf Pro delivers both style and functionality. Discover why the Black Wolf Pro is a favorite among players and elevate your game room with this exceptional pool table from Brunswick.

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