Olhausen Grand Champion III


  • Sizes: 7 ft, 8 ft, 8 1/2 ft and 9 ft.
  • Frame, Apron, Rail & Leg Material: Solid Poplar
  • Finishes Available: Various Laminates Colors ** Apron Stickers Available Upon Request **

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The Olhausen Billiards Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table is the pinnacle of professional-grade craftsmanship, designed to deliver solid performance and durability. Built with precision and reliability in mind, this table is ideal for both commercial settings and home environments where quality matters.

Professional-Grade Performance

Engineered for professional play, the Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table offers a solid and quiet performance that meets the highest standards. Its robust structure ensures stability during intense games, making it a preferred choice among serious players and enthusiasts alike.

Versatile Durability

While designed for commercial use, the Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table is also resilient enough to withstand enthusiastic play from neighborhood kids and family gatherings. Its durable construction and sturdy frame ensure years of reliable performance and enjoyment.

Simplicity in Design

The beauty of the Grand Champion Pro III lies in its simplicity. With clean lines and a timeless design, this table blends effortlessly into any setting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your game room or recreational space.

Lifetime Guarantee

Backed by Olhausen’s lifetime guarantee, the Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table ensures peace of mind and long-term investment value. This commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction underscores Olhausen’s reputation as a leader in the billiards industry.

Superior Playability

The Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table is renowned for its superior playability. Featuring a level playing surface and responsive cushions, it provides an optimal environment for precise shots and smooth gameplay, enhancing the overall billiards experience.

Ideal for Commercial and Residential Use

Whether installed in a pool hall, bar, or home game room, the Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table stands out as a symbol of excellence and performance. Its versatility and durability make it suitable for various environments where quality and reliability are paramount.

Statement of Quality and Craftsmanship

The Olhausen Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table not only meets but exceeds expectations for professional-grade billiards equipment. It represents a commitment to superior quality, durability, and timeless design, making it a standout choice for billiards enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Olhausen Billiards Grand Champion Pro III Pool Table combines professional-grade performance with enduring craftsmanship to deliver a reliable and stylish centerpiece for any billiards setting. With its solid build, quiet play, and lifetime guarantee, it promises to elevate your billiards experience while adding value to your recreational space.

Olhausen Billiards answers the question: “WHY IS OLHAUSEN STILL MADE IN THE USA?”

“It has become easier to send things overseas, and often it is cheaper too. However, that distance creates a loss in oversight and quality that is hard to overcome. As time has passed, many of our competitors have chosen to do this, and it really shows. Olhausen does not do things cheaply, we do things right.”


“Over the years, the “Made in America” stamp has become a rarity in our market. Instead of being the standard, American made products are truly set apart from the competition. It’s a gold standard that promises quality you can trust and ensures peace of mind.”

Outside Dimensions for this table:

7’ Modern Rail: W: 51.5” x L: 90.5”
8’ Modern Rail: W: 56.5 x L: 100.5”
8.5’ Modern Rail: W: 58.5” x L: 104.5”
9’ Modern Rail: W: 62.5” x L: 112.5”

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