Rainbow Castle Series


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The Original Rainbow Castle Swing Sets

The Original Rainbow Castle Climber® is built to last a lifetime and keep your children safe, happy and active throughout their childhood. This is our Original swing set design; nothing compares to the Original Rainbow Castle Climber®. Built with 4” x 4” timber ladder legs, 4” x 4” a-frame legs, and our 10.5’ Scoop Slide the Rainbow Castle is slightly scaled back in size compared to the Monster Castle swing sets. Rainbow Castles have all available options, add-ons and accessories and are fully modular and expandable.


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Rainbow Castle Pkg II Feature Model (16A)
Rainbow Castle Pkg II Popular (17B)
Rainbow Castle Pkg II Loaded (17C)
Rainbow Super Castle Pkg II Loaded (17D)
Rainbow Super Castle Pkg II Maxed Out (17E)
Rainbow Super Castle Pkg IV Treasure Chest (18F)
Rainbow Castle Pkg III Loaded (19G)
Rainbow Super Castle Pkg III Loaded (19H)
Rainbow Castle Pkg IV Double Bubble (19I)
Rainbow Castle Pkg V with 360˚Spiral Slide (19J)