What is a “Cushion”?

The cushion is a long, wedge-shaped piece of rubber that is affixed to the side of the rail and faces into the table’s playing surface. Cushions are covered with the same felt cloth used to cover the slate.

How can I tell if my Cushions are “good”?

A “good” cushion provides a consistent response to any ball that strikes it.  A quality cushion, installed properly “should” last approximately 20 years, but how old the cushions are, is not how to determine if your cushions are “good”. It’s all about how well they function.

Cushions wear out, and they wear out unevenly. For example, the areas that have had more play wear out more quickly. Even on the same cushion, there may be uneven wear. If the cushion on one side of the table gets more direct sun, that cushion may wear out more quickly.

 Here are some indicators that it may be time to replace your cushions:

  • Does the cushion feel hard? The cushion should feel springy to the touch.
  • Are the pool balls bouncing off the cushion in the same way they did when the table was newer? When the pool ball hits do you hear the sound of impact?
  • Instead of springing off the cushion and back towards the center of the table, do the balls roll in unexpected directions or stop rotating?
  • Are you having your cloth replaced anyway? If so, it is important to first determine if you need to replace your cushions at the same time.