The Bullfrog Spas Premium Water Care Package combines the unique benefits of three highly effective clean water systems.

Enhanced Ozone System aka EOS O3™

In general, water purification using ozone or O3 is one of the most effective water purification methods for eliminating contaminants that are found in water.  O3 is a powerful, non-chemical oxidant that inactivates fungus, organic materials, and viruses more potently than chlorine.
The Bullfrog Spas EOS O3™  water purification system has been tested and validated by a third party to eliminate 99.9%  of the microorganisms found in spas.  
Our unique, proprietary 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as competitors’, all without the negative effects of excess ozone gas, which is destroyed in the process.

FROG @ease Water Care System

The all-new FROG @ease system, apart of Bullfrog Spa Premium Water Care uses SmartChlor® technology, which uses up to 75% less chlorine. It provides an easy to use, self-regulating water care experience. For example it reduces the need to shock to once a month.

The water using this high-tech system is cleaner, clearer and softer than traditional water care methods.

Designed specifically for Bullfrog Spa®, spa water care has never been better or easier.

WellSpring Circulating Filtration Pump

The more times your water goes through the filter, the cleaner your water. The WellSpring Pump is 8 times as effective at filtering spa water than standard circulation pumps It moves Moving 35 gallons per minute, this pump filters all of the water through dual filters many times per day.

After the efficiency of the pump one of the most important features of a quality spa pump is noise level and this pump is quiet and does not vibrate.

The WellSpring Filtration Pump can do the job of keeping your water clean in fewer operating hours. This leads to an average savings of 60% in filtration energy costs (6,060 gallons per kilowatt vs. 3,480 gallons per kilowatt).